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The Setup

We’re a self-contained operation, arriving and setting up within one hour.

Watch as our chimney stack goes up and puffs of aromatic wood smoke drift though the air.  Our handcrafted Forno Bravo pizza oven reaches up to 1000 degrees. Fresh pizza pies cook in less than three minutes.

We source the freshest, natural, organic ingredients from local sources and prepare our pizza dough at least 24 hours in advance so that slow rising dough can create a more fully developed flavor.  Burning almond, oak and apple wood enhances the quality and taste of our product.

Our trailer stores a refrigerated commercial pizza prep table in addition to a sink, generator, tables, tents and all necessary supplies.

For your convenience we’ve teamed up with Square to offer an easy way to pay.

Hands down, the most amazing way to pay.

Now it’s easy to check out at your favorite local businesses. Simply walk in and say your name at the counter. Pay without ever touching your wallet or phone.